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Download the mobile app in the iOS app store or Google Play Store.

Desktop Site

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Find Your Match

Go to “Find Rides” to find your carpool match. Filter by attributes, including same employers or on the way.

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Get Rewards

Log your green trips, then redeem your Emergency Ride Home rebate and other rewards from area and online retailers, restaurants, and services.

The free Alamo Commutes mobile app, and accompanying desktop website, serves three primary functions:

  1. Carpool Matching
    • Identify Alamo Commutes users in your area who you may be able to carpool with.
  2. Trip Logging
    • Log your trips taken by foot, bike, transit, carpool, and telecommuting.
  3. Rewards
    • Earn rewards and discounts at area and online retailers and restaurants.

The website and mobile app provide the same three primary functions - carpool matching, trip logging, and rewards. However, the app provides additional features such as third party app integration, instant reward redemption, and GPS location enablement.

  1. Go to Rides.
    • Find your carpool match by going to “Rides” in the navigation bar. Enter your home address and work address. Matches will appear as green and red pins on the map, or select the icon on the top left to view matches in list format.
  2. Filter your matches.
    • Narrow down your matches by selecting the icon on the top right. Carpool with colleagues only by selecting “Organization”. Or select matches based on recent activity, depart/return time, gender, language and more.
    • If you have trouble finding a match, try expanding your search radius by selecting “+/- 2 miles”. Or filter your matches by selecting “On the Way”.
  3. Compare options by mode.
    • Select “Compare” on the bottom right. Select “Options” on the bottom right to view the map with other elements, such as Park and Ride lots, bike and car share locations, and EV charging stations.
  4. Contact your matches.
    • Email your match through the app. It will be synced to your preferred email account.
  1. Go to Trips.
    • Select “Record a Trip”. Complete the checklist, such as transportation mode, route origin and destination,and commute or non-commute.
  2. Record trips automatically.
    • If you have a regular commute, record your trips automatically to accrue points for rewards. When completing your trip recording checklist, select the “Record Weekly” option and select the number of commute days.
  3. Sync trips.
    • Sync trips from other apps such as Lyft, Strava and Underarmour.

Yes. You can earn rewards for commute and non-commute related trips.

  1. View your points.
    • View the number of points you have by selecting “Me” in the navigation bar. You automatically begin with 1,000 points.
  2. Go to “Rewards”.
    • View rewards by proximity on the map or in list form. Toggle between modes by selecting the top left icon.
  3. Filter reward types.
    • Filter rewards by type by selecting the icon on the top right. Sort rewards by category type, popularity, distance and more.
  4. Redeem your reward.
    • Select the reward you would like to redeem. Rewards that are available for immediate mobile redemption will have a phone icon to the right.
    • Once you’ve selected your reward, the value for the reward will be listed at the bottom. Select “Redeem reward” and answer the questions.
    • Mobile redemption rewards will be immediately available on your device. Other rewards will be emailed to you within approximately 24 hours.
    • For more information on how to redeem your Emergency Ride Home, visit our Commuter page.